Anisa’s unique voice is essential in sorting through today’s complicated relationship of religion, culture, and politics. To arrange an event, email Anisa.


“Muslims in Mainstream Media: An Inside Look”

For two decades before 9/11 Anisa Mehdi was the rare Arab-American/Muslim in US mainstream television newsrooms. A resource, a database, and a Columbia Journalism School-trained reporter, Anisa introduced new possibilities into status quo coverage of the Middle East and Islam. She shares experiences from her work at Eyewitness News, the CBS Evening News, PBS and National Geographic and looks at shifts in news coverage as young Muslims have entered the news media since 2001.

“Behind the Veil: The Various Worlds of Muslim Women”

Anisa Mehdi sheds light on the lives of Muslim women around the world today and in early Islamic society. Using clips from her documentaries, personal anecdotes, and a solid dose of scholarship, Anisa addresses the tough issue of oppression, and shares insights on what’s possible for women according to Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an.

“The Intersection of Many Roads: An Interfaith Journey”

Anisa brings her inter-faith expertise to Jewish, Christian, Muslim and multi-faith audiences in an exploration of the Abrahamic family tree, assuring audiences that they know more than they think they know. The product of a Muslim-Christian marriage, she has spent a lifetime navigating ritual and faith. And she shares the hope she has found along the Abraham Path.

“What Do People Seek? Going Inside Mecca”

Anisa’s films on the Hajj have affected audiences since 1998. She takes you into this exclusive journey with film clips and stories from behind-the-scenes. The first American to cover this iconic pilgrimage for television broadcast, Anisa critiques the impact of skyscrapers, social media, and over-crowding on this sacred journey.

See her work from 1998 and 2014.

“Most of What You Ought to Know About Islam and Muslims”

In a time of confusion and fear, Anisa presents lectures and courses that challenge and deepen understanding about Islam and Muslims. She addresses faith and business, politics, science and the arts, Islam in America, and women’s issues in speeches, daylong seminars and weeklong workshops.


“Understanding Islam: An Asset for Growth”

Anisa brings inter-cultural expertise to corporations seeking business breakthroughs in Muslim-majority countries. Diverse Muslim communities make up 23% of the world’s population. In order compete effectively in this significant market corporations need to better understand Islam. Anisa tailors her seminars, workshops, and individual corporate coaching sessions to suit your institutional needs. Please contact Anisa directly to discuss your purpose, process, and proposed outcomes.

Special programs for companies

Anisa Mehdi is available to moderate panels and conduct in-person, on-stage interviews.

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  • Anisa was so knowledgeable and seemed to know exactly what our group of teachers needed to learn.” (Scarsdale Teachers Institute)
  • "The information and discussions were informative and powerful.” (Global Connections)
  • "This is how knowledge promotes understanding.” (Winchester Gardens Retirement Residence)
  • "You make some very astute observations, and are a testimony to the power of tolerance, love and diversity." (Diplomat, US Department of State)